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Originality, Poetic Harmony



The world's first Qianjiang tide spectacle, a global chess culture hotel. In Fangyuan Tiandi, evoke your cultural memory of the thousand-year chess pulse. Hangzhou Tianyuan Building, a landmark building in the Qiantang River era, is located at No. 2, Qianchao Road, Qianjiang New Town, the center of the financial CBD of Hangzhou Qianjiang New Town, which is changing with each passing day. It is only an 8-minute walk from the Jiangjin Road Exit of Metro Line 4 and a 10-minute walk from the Qianjiang Road Exit of Metro Line 2. You can take Metro Line 4 directly to the East Railway Station, and seamlessly transfer to Line 1 to Chengzhan Railway Station. station. Since its opening, the hotel has received many world-class Go masters. It is the only boutique hotel of chess culture theme built in accordance with the five-star standard in China and the world. It belongs to the Hangzhou Business Tourism Group, an enterprise directly under the municipal government, and is an important component of the Hangzhou Branch of the Chinese Chess Academy section.


1. Core values
Honesty, dedication, gratitude and return.
Provide satisfactory and surprising quality services for guests' expectations and needs;
2. Team spirit
Dedication, collaboration, innovation and efficiency;
3. Management Guidelines
Unified thinking, unified understanding, unified command, unified action.
4. Service Purpose
In the morning and evening, welcoming and sending, the gentleman and the gentleman are supreme;
Virtue is in the middle, courtesy is in the outside, and everything in service comes from the heart.



Tianyuan Building relies on the traditional Chinese Go culture. The whole hotel is a high-grade and compatible Go museum with handed down value. Every corner reveals the elegant taste of Go: The fountain in the square in front of the building is carved by a white marble The large chess pot and 5 black and white chess pieces; the revolving restaurant at the top of the building is like a large chess pot standing high in the sky; the lawn in the back garden is also covered with classic Go chess games; the building interior There are chess cultural exhibition venues such as the China Go Museum and the China Go Library; each floor in the guest room area has its own chess cultural theme and atmosphere layout, which is displayed one by one through famous paintings, real objects, celebrity photos, and artworks, even The names of the restaurant boxes and conference halls are all named after Go allusions, with vivid images and strong ornamental value.


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