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The world's first Qianjiang tide spectacle, the world's only chess culture hotel. In Fangyuan Tiandi, evoke your cultural memory of the thousand-year chess pulse. Hangzhou Tianyuan Building, a landmark building of the Qiantang River era, is located at No. 2, Qianchao Road, Qianjiang New City, the center of the financial CBD of Hangzhou Qianjiang New City, which is changing with each passing day. It is only an 8-minute walk from the Jiangjin Road Exit of Metro Line 4 and a 10-minute walk from the Qianjiang Road Exit of Metro Line 2. You can take Metro Line 4 directly to the East Railway Station, and seamlessly transfer to Line 1 to Chengzhan Railway Station. station. Since its opening, the hotel has received many world-class Go masters. It is the only boutique hotel of chess culture theme built in accordance with the five-star standard in China and the world. It belongs to the Hangzhou Business Tourism Group, an enterprise directly under the municipal government, and is an important component of the Hangzhou Branch of the Chinese Chess Academy section.
Tianyuan Building covers an area of ​​4,000 square meters, with a construction area of ​​60,000 square meters. The main building is 145 meters high and has 35 floors. The hotel has various guest rooms, of which 54 chess and cultural theme rooms are Tianyuan Building guest rooms, and the remaining 152 are tide-viewing resort rooms managed by Tianyuan Building to provide five-star standards. Walking into the Tianyuan Building, it is as if you have entered the world of chess and traced a thousand-year chess vein in the world.
The Chinese restaurant "Chess House" on the 3rd floor has the theme of "The taste of chess" and features Jiangxian, suitable for conference dining; the 4th floor of the east has the theme of "Piano, chess, calligraphy and painting", using the perfect combination of display panels and collections. Intuitive way presents the perfect integration of piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy. In your spare time, you can experience and participate in the training of professional skills of piano and calligraphy and calligraphy. You can also step into the Chinese Go library in the area to read a good book and listen to an ancient song. Song, drink a cup of tea, and appreciate the relief brought by the Chinese culture; the 5th floor of the conference center has the theme of "Chess Gathering", and the international conference hall named after Yizheng, Yisheng, Yipin, Yitan, Yiyuan... More than ten meeting rooms of different specifications with less than 500 people and the Riverview Pillar-free Ballroom "Yifu" on the 6th floor are ideal places for holding various meetings and high-end banquets; what is displayed in front of you when you step out of the Riverview Ballroom The roof garden with the theme of "Infinite Chess", the integration of Jiangnan landscaping and chess culture sketches, will make you feel comfortable and relieved during leisure and entertainment;
Rooms 21 to 27 are named after the theme of "Chess Xing Tianxia", and the layout is also unique. Whether it is a corridor or a room, it shows the rhyme of chess, chess scene, chess people, chess affairs, chess situation, chess thinking, and chess roads according to different themes. , The beauty of chess, the decoration of chess culture that pays attention to every detail, simple and elegant, allows you to enjoy the style of Qiantang and appreciate the profoundness of chess culture.
Tianyuan Nianjiu, supreme and noble, with a panoramic view of the rivers and rivers, is a good choice for your private dining; the 34th floor self-service revolving western restaurant has a 360-degree rotating panoramic view and gathers world cuisine.
As the only chess culture theme hotel in the world, you can experience the unique beauty of Go for a thousand years: the main exhibition hall of the China Go Museum located in the lobby on the first floor shows the history of Go from the origin of Go, the romance of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the Gaoyi of the Tang and Song Dynasties, the prosperity of the Ming and Qing Dynasties to modern Thousand-year chess veins; the outdoor garden-like water platform is meticulously decorated with stone steles, chess poems, Qiantang athletics, Danghu ten games... Here you can stroll among the pavilions, or play games calmly, it is a great place to watch the Qiantang tide location. Live in Tianyuan Building, enjoy exotic cuisine, watch the wonders of the money tide, find the history of a thousand years of chess, appreciate the grace and interest in the shadow of Tianyuan chess, and appreciate the philosophy of life in the latitude and longitude of chess.
Tianyuan Building relies on the traditional Chinese Go culture as its foundation. The overall environment layout and the products and services provided are all integrated with many elements of the characteristics of chess culture, forming a unique chess cultural complex, which is also in China and the world. Unique and unique.


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