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Originality, Poetic Harmony

Love Story (under Renovation)


The love story (under renovation) is currently the most luxurious SPA international club in Hangzhou. When you walk through the hall, the luxury and atmosphere of the venue will make you praise: "You can enjoy Macau style without leaving Hangzhou." The colorful and clean surf pool, Let your tired body and mind get instant relief. In the fragrant sauna room of the wooden house, while you are sweating profusely, an ice towel and a bottle of ice drink will let you enjoy the comfort of sweat detoxification and physical fitness. The clean and comfortable lounge, free delicious meals, ultra-clear large-screen TV, and free Internet surfing make you enjoy the leisure and relaxation. The warm and romantic massage room is a "Peach Blossom Land" specially created for you, where you can forget all the troubles and release all fatigue in an instant. Cheer for your thriving life! Ignite the passion and dreams of your life! Here, beauty and health exist together! Hefeng Life Hotel is looking forward to your visit!


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