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Originality, Poetic Harmony

Company Culture

1. Core values
Honesty, dedication, gratitude and return.
Provide satisfactory and surprising quality services for guests' expectations and needs;
2. Team spirit
Dedication, collaboration, innovation and efficiency;
3. Management Guidelines
Unified thinking, unified understanding, unified command, unified action.
4. Service Purpose
In the morning and evening, welcoming and sending, the gentleman and the gentleman are supreme;
Virtue is in the middle, courtesy is in the outside, and everything in service comes from the heart.
Eighteen Principles and Advices of Hotel Management and Service Concept
1. The most important word is not "I", but "We".
2. All work results will not appear in anticipation, but in inspection.
3. Maintain professional sensitivity and reflect timely and effective responses in various occasions and various tasks.
4. Difficulties at work should not be an excuse to avoid or shirk responsibility. You must face it and solve it; finding excuses for yourself is the easiest thing in the world to do. This habit will make you addicted and eventually erode your body and mind.
5. Any instructions, tasks, requirements, ideas and even dreams must be realized through quick follow-up. Acting immediately can prove everything related to your work ability and personality performance. Procrastination is self-indulgence.
6. Only numbers are perfect. Learn to use mathematical and logical relationships to measure and guide our work. Whether it is business or transactional, you can find the basis for analysis and problem solving.
7. All systems and procedures are formal. Without the execution, flexibility, and self-commitment of all members like jungle warfare, they are just systems and procedures.
8. Our products are non-copyable, non-storable, non-expandable and reproducible. We must make every inch of space create and generate revenue every day, and we must pay attention to systematic planning, design, and combination and packaging of our products.
9. Even if our environmental conditions do not have any advantages over our peers, please still keep the love of living with them day and night. You can choose to leave, but when you stay, you must understand that our responsibility is not to complain and wait and see, but to find ways to make her more dazzling and distinctive.
10. Customers pay the price, we reflect the value, every day we must reflect on whether our work exceeds the expectations of the guests and make them overjoyed.
11. Merely adapting to and satisfying the customer's consumption needs is not enough. Trying to guide and create the customers' potential consumption desires is the only rule for success in marketing.
12. Be grateful for the judgments and complaints of the guests. This is what our work needs to be improved but has not yet been discovered or has become accustomed to. It is the duty of every employee in every department to maintain consistent service quality.
13. The attitude and potential of employees are far more important than experience and experience. It is one of our missions to continuously discover, guide, train and enable future successors.
14. Let the grassroots employees understand, understand, participate and devote themselves to it is the ultimate source of motivation for the implementation of various business management goals. The employees are far more passionate and intelligent than we thought, and they are more innovative and strong. Will.
15. Rescue field repairs between various departments and positions are the foundation for the successful completion of each task. We must decompose our work plan to every minimum coordination unit point and be prepared for emergencies at any time.
16. Anything can be improved, improved and perfected, and must remain firm, continuous cycle, and endless; for individuals, they must pay particular attention to the knowledge update under the conditions of the new economy and new technology era, and strive to change the industry that is most prone to breeding. Self-righteous, ostentatious, and conservative habits.
17. To effectively plan and manage our time. Time is the cost, it is the most expensive non-renewable resource, and no luxury goods can match it. We can't afford it, let alone squander it. At the same time, time is also the biggest opponent we have to face and value.
18. To reiterate: at any time, under any occasion and under any conditions, as a hotelier, you must always keep in mind that the most important word is not "I", but "We". This industry requires us to serve our customers humbly and create unlimited value for our guests. But at the same time, there is no doubt that this industry has created the greatest dedication of employees in all professions! ——Let us be proud of ourselves!


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